Restrepo Automatic Watch Collection
The real start of the Restrepo Watch project is the curve and the shape of the planets in the Universe that are in fact not round but elliptical as the movements referring to the Kepler rules. After some travels in Concord from Paris to New York , the designer decided to rehabilitate the elliptical shapes for timepieces to make a new way of exploration. The designer introduces a new shape and a model far from the established brands.
award winner design
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Federico Restrepo: From the designer, artist, and creator to the brand. Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1962, Restrepo’s cosmopolitan background is atypical in the professional world of design.

 His family heritage (great-grandson of Henri Paul Nenot, founder of the new Sorbonne, builder of the nation’s pavilion in Geneva, Grand Prix de Rome Academician of Arts and Letters, grandson of Hervé Baille painter of the Navy, humorist, watercolorist) should have led him immediately to creation. However, he chose to follow Master cursus as a philosopher at the Sorbonne while pursuing painting creativity in Furniture, and more. 

From his father and mother, he inherited of a taste of Culture, having to be raised on a very selected circle of Artists from Colombia as Fernando Botero, and Gabriel Garcia Marques. REAL BEAUTY IS A QUESTION OF PERSONALITY: it’s the point on which the brand insists because we all know it. 

A beautiful being or an object that fascinates lives by the force of its difference, and the pride that a person can have is not to be quite like the others. RESTREPO is thus the mark of a creator and designer who wants to make an object more than a practical utility. 

A different object for those who do not like to remain in uniformity and who want to be surrounded by well-designed objects, whose functionality and practicality are not the only reason for existing. Objects which in addition are aesthetic referents of an era and which can thus one day be passed on to future generations, as a step in the history of watchmaking aesthetics.

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