the making of

genuine design

At the crossroads of science, art and technology, Restrepo watches went through a 20 years of creation process: creating the perfect elliptical shape, fitting in high precision automatic movements, selecting Enamel coated dials (one blank), adding index details with advanced layered effects, and incorporating the hands and some index with Swiss Super Luminova finishings….

details & parts

The concept of the RESTREPO watch was born traveling from Paris to New York in the legendary “Concorde” aircraft. At the flight altitude, the surface of the Earth appears not as a sphere but as a a true elliptical vision, like our watches.

The crowns are signed delicately with the Restrepo signature.

The dials are enamel coated. The Index details are completed in parts to present a multi-layered 3D effect. The Hands and some index are decorated with the Swiss Super-Luminova pigment.

Our Straps are genuine and exclusively tailor-made. We have developed a tool to produce straps with Stainless steel butterfly Buckle. The straps are placed with a very easy system: a pin-off.